Q. How do I volunteer?

A. Please contact your local Coordinator (the name and contact details are on the flyer you received through your letterbox) in the first instance. If you can't find your flyer, please email us on

Q. I have not received a flyer. Have I been missed?

A. if you haven't received one of our flyers, please email us on We have tried really hard not to miss anyone in Newport Pagnell.

Q. Who can get help from the Volunteers?

A. If you have no one else in your family who can help. We can help:

  • Anyone who is self-isolating
  • Any elderly person
  • Anyone considered to be vulnerable
  • Anyone living with a vulnerable person

Q. How do I contact my Coordinator?

A. Please use the number on your flyer. Please do not use our central email address to specifically contact your Coordinator as emails to this address do not go directly to your Coordinator.

Q. I need help dressing, can a volunteer help?

A. Unfortunately, our Volunteers have to follow the same guidelines on social distancing as everyone else. If you need this care, please e-mail us outlining your issue together with all your contact details and we will refer you to the right organisation. If you are already receiving care from a carer, continue with that.

Q. Can a Volunteer just call me for a chat?

A. Yes, please contact your Coordinator (details are on your flyer) in the first instance or, failing that, e-mail our central email address We are setting up a list of Volunteers who will be our ‘Chatters’ and we'll contact you. You must let your Coordinator know (or state it in your e-mail) that you are happy for your details to be passed on.

Q. Can you walk my dog?

A. We are compiling a list of dog walkers. Please contact your Coordinator.

Q. Can you cut my grass?

A. If you are self-isolating, you should be able to do this yourself. If you are elderly and have lost your regular helper or you are unwell and cannot do it yourself, please get in touch with your Coordinator in the first instance or, if necessary, email us on

Q. Can I get my prescription delivered?

A. The following people can get their prescription delivered:

If you are in one of these categories, please contact your Coordinator.

Q. If I am not in any of the categories to get my prescription delivered, how do I get it?

A. Your chemist will text you with a time slot for collection.

Q. Can I order and pay for my shopping over the phone?

A. We are working on this with the Coop who cannot do telephone payments at the moment but the Market Hill Greengrocer and Douglas's butcher can.

Q. Can I donate food?

A. Yes you can. There is a trolley in the main Coop. Please donate, if you can. We have families who are in desperate need.

Q. If I feel unwell, should I contact my Coordinator?

A. No. Your Coordinator is not medically trained. Please follow the government guidelines found here.

Q. Am I lucky to live in this brilliant town with all these amazing volunteers, key workers, otters and shops that stay open when they can?

A. You bet ya bottom dollar!